The Dinners of Death Thanksgiving Marathon
06:00PM - November 22, 2018

While many people might enjoy spending the holidays with their family and friends, others will do whatever it takes to get away from them. Horror host Joe Bob Briggs will be broadcasting the Dinners of Death marathon on Shudder on Thanksgiving, which will not only promise a respite from potential holiday drama, but also the chance to see Briggs' favorite horror movie.

"The idea is to create events that will keep the viewers coming back 'til the end of the year. So one of them is Thanksgiving. Which is underrepresented in holiday horror," Briggs shared with about his holiday-themed events. "Most holidays have a lot of horror films based on that holiday, but Thanksgiving is an exception. And then Christmas, it's called A Very Joe Bob Christmas, and we're on the 21st, which is the Friday night prior to Christmas, which is on a Tuesday. But both events are, they're mini-marathons. They're not the 13-movie marathons. They're four movies. Each one is four movies, but because I talk so much, they're gonna go to dawn. You know, they're gonna be long."

Briggs built a big reputation for himself in the world of horror, thanks to programs like Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater and MonsterVision. The host returned to his hosting duties earlier this year with The Last Drive-In, a 24-hour marathon on Shudder that featured his signature wit and vast knowledge of the genre. That marathon was such a hit with fans, Shudder announced not only these holiday specials, but also a regular series debuting sometime in 2019.

"And we have a couple of distinguished guests, and we have my favorite movie of all time in the Thanksgiving marathon," Briggs admitted. "They don't let me tell the titles, but it is my favorite movie of all time, and I was not able to ever host it on my previous two shows, 'cause it was on the banned list. It's only recently come off the banned from TV list. So that's exciting. But, we have a little bit more money this time, and so we're able to do more. But we're still sticking to the old MonsterVision format, with the rants, and the mail girl, and all the stuff we had on that show."

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